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Improving the cancer journey in Powys programme

Powys photo by Sue Glenn

People living with cancer in Powys are being invited to share their experiences through an innovative programme – the first of its kind in Wales – which aims to improve the way cancer care and support is provided in the county.

Improving the Cancer Journey in Powys (ICJ Powys) is a three-way partnership between Macmillan Cancer Support, Powys County Council and Powys Teaching Health Board.

ICJ Powys wants to ensure that every adult in the county who is diagnosed with cancer is able to have a conversation with a trained professional about their needs and how best these can be met. 

Cerys Humphreys, Improving the Cancer Journey Programme Lead

Cerys Humphreys, the Improving the Cancer Journey Programme Lead, said: “We want everyone in Powys who is living with cancer, to live life as fully as they can, and by providing practical, physical, emotional, spiritual and social support, so people can achieve what matters most to them. Listening to people’s stories, experiences and insights about their cancer journey is a fundamental part of the ICJ Powys programme. 

Over the next few months, we will be engaging with a number of stakeholders, including staff, in order to gain an in depth understanding of what holistic support is currently offered to individuals living with cancer along their pathway.  We also would like thoughts and ideas on how an integrated model of care could look like in Powys, in order to ensure individuals living with cancer feel listened to and that their identified needs are met.” 


Richard Pugh, Head of Partnerships for Macmillan in Wales, said: “Often a diagnosis of cancer creates a number of worries – not just worries about how their treatment will affect their health and well-being, but also practical things like returning to work, paying bills and living with the long-term effects. This is particularly the case now we are also all coping with the impact of Covid-19 which is affecting every area of our lives.

For more information please contact the programme the team on ICJPowys@powys.gov.uk or contact Sue Ling, Communications and Engagement Officer directly on 01597 8260423. ​