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Meet our new fundraising group in Bridgend

We may be a teensy bit biased, but we think our Macmillan fundraisers in Wales are just the best! And we are over-the-moon that a brand, new fundraising group ‘Green with Envy’ has started in Bridgend.  We asked Rachel Wintle, Molly Hardy and Darren Hanbury Jones to tell us a bit about their plans and how you can help.

We’re very excited to meet the team behind Macmillan’s newest fundraising committee ‘Green with Envy’. Can you tell us about the team behind this new Bridgend fundraising committee?

Rachel – I’m Rachel, the Chairperson of ‘Green with Envy’. We have Darren our Treasurer and also Molly. A small group with big ideas!

Molly – We are a diverse group that all bring something different to the table; but one thing we have in common is a desire to help make the life of those living with cancer better. We want to involve the community in a variety of events and bring everyone together to benefit others.

Darren – We are a team who have a passion to help anyone in their time of need and the one thing we all have in common is that we know someone who has been touched by cancer.

Why was Green with Envy set up and what are your hopes for it?

Rachel – I have been volunteering for Macmillan for a while now, I’ve organised five coffee mornings which get bigger every year and taken part in many bucket collections.

I felt like I was on my own in the Bridgend area and so it’s great to have found Darren and Molly to join me in raising awareness for Macmillan in our local area. I would love for us to have a real presence in the community and to one day organise a really grand event such as a ball or a dinner, where we would raise a lot of money and have a great time.

Molly – ‘Green with Envy’ has been a long time coming and we hope to bring something new, young and exciting to the local Macmillan fundraising scene.

Darren – ‘Green with Envy’ was set up by Rachael who is passionate about making a difference, Molly who has fundraising running through her veins, Rachel and myself.

I have seen first-hand the effects of cancer and the countless people that it can affect. Our aim is to raise as much awareness within Bridgend as we can while having fun.

What made you want to fundraise for Macmillan?

Rachel – My volunteering journey started after taking part in the Llantrisant walk with my sister six years ago. I commented on how well organised it was and how much I enjoyed the day to a lady who happened to be the Macmillan fundraising manager. Before I knew it I had been recruited! By volunteering I’ve learnt so much about Macmillan and the work that they do is truly amazing, helping so many people. How could I not decide to fundraise for them?!

Darren – have recently helped my mother and cancer can affect anyone of us so while I am able I will do as much as I can to make a difference.

Who can join your group and how can they get in touch?

Rachel – Anybody can join our group – we are a friendly, approachable team. We have just created flyers and posters to advertise the group so keep an eye out for them. We have a Facebook page set up where we can be messaged at any time or they can use the supporter care team.

Molly – The group is open to anyone who is enthusiastic and keen to make a difference. So please do get in touch.

Darren – Anyone can join the group by looking for us on Facebook, Instagram or through the Macmillan website.


If someone was a little bit uncertain about volunteering to fundraise for Macmillan, what advice would you give?

Rachel – Go for it – it’s very rewarding and you get to meet some fantastic people!  

Molly – Give it a go! The uncertainty you’re feeling will soon disappear when you realise how great and supportive Macmillan are. They are a charity that are full of enthusiasm and positivity and it’s so great to be part of.

Darren – Just come along to an event as you will know that everyone who supports Macmillan has had Cancer enter their lives at some point in their lives. There is no pressure as we all want to be part of something bigger than ourselves and most importantly have fun

What are the joys and challenges that fundraising brings?

Rachel – I love the people side of things, talking to people, hearing their experiences, listening to what they have achieved. It can be challenging, especially when working full time and trying to balance a social life as well. That’s where it’s great to have a team of people as a support network, if you can’t give your time on that particular day there is someone that can.

Molly – Knowing that the money you raise will go directly to helping those who really need it!

Darren – I enjoy walking and exercise so anything outdoors is fun but rewarding. Sometimes the challenge is collecting with charity tins but I never force anyone to give as that is not what we do but on some occasions you will talk to a person that has used Macmillan and you realise that what you are doing is such a worthwhile cause.

Any events in the pipeline that you can reveal?

Rachel – We recently did a bucket collection at the brewery field in Bridgend for the Ospreys game which was great! We do have a few event ideas floating around at the moment, to include a coastal walk, quiz night & a ladies beauty evening. There is plenty more to come from this grou

Molly – We’ve got a musical concert coming up in July… More details revealed very soon and we’ve also got some great outdoor activities.

Darren – I am trying to organise a walk of about 8 miles from our local sanddunes to Porthcawl hopefully around August. I have never organised anything like this but you’re never too old to try something new

Thank you so much for speaking with us. Keep us up-to-date with your plans!

If you would like to find out more about joining ‘Green with Envy’ then you can do so via Macmillan’s Supporter Care Team 0300 1000 2000 / or email fudraising@macmillan.org.uk or via the following link https://volunteering.macmillan.org.uk/Opportunity/Details/6146

Macmillan relies nearly entirely on donations to provide the support we offer to help people living with cancer. There are lots of ways to donate or volunteer to support Macmillan. Visit our website for some inspiring ideas!